Friday, December 26, 2008

Baby Sunbonnet Sue Needlecase / Pincushion .... Pink Saturday

It's that time again..Pink Saturday. The day we've set aside for a fantastic pink ongoing tea party. We go looking at beautiful to house with stops in between for latte's, coffee and tea. Well, okay..a cookie as well and we're off again to see more pinks. This has been quite amazing to all the pretty things, the lovely ladies and our own sweet Beverly, our hostess with the mostess. So, without furthur adooooo, let's all skedaddle over to Beverly, and see what the pinks are today. And....many, many hugs and thank you's to Beverly for hosting us all.

For my pinks today, I offer little Sunbonnet Sue, dressed all in pinks and ribbons and flowers. Before she was sent to my lovely friend Jean..I added more lace and ribbons... and tiny ribbon roses. Sue was packeged in soft tissue and a pretty box..and sent on to her new home. Jean's daughter wrote me a sweet note, telling me how much her mom loved little Sue and how she loved the one I sent her.
I was so blessed for Jean to have seen little Sue and enjoyed her, for in less than a sweet friend had passed away.And I feel blessed to share little pink Sue's photo with you all...
for you see....little Sue has a purpose...(other than looking so darn cute..:) ). This and the rest in this series of Sues, are needlecases and scissor cases. I love working with Sues..whether it be embroidered pillowcases, napkins and tablecloths, appliqued Sues on aprons and lap quilts..or made and fitted into shadow boxes and or frames. I love little Sue enough, that I would love to build my business around her.
I will show more Sues in the following days...if you see one you like...or have an idea of different colors, I will be happy to make it. The prices will start @ $14.95. Use the little form logics form if you have an inquiry or comments..I would love to hear from you. I'm very proud of my little Sues..they're my ideas and my patterns.., and I would ask that you honor that, and give credit if you use my ideas. It's an honor for me to share, and I hope you like them. I've designed Sues for awhile and have finally decided to see if others like my ideas..:). It may take a bit to get my little business going..but I'll get there..:).


  1. HI...

    You signed up for a give-away...and I thought you might stop by to see who won!



  2. Cute and useful. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. sweet sue is a great name i say! so cute!! happy pink saturday and new year!

  4. Happy Pink Saturday.

    These are so lovely, and you are so sweet to share their joy. I know they bring a smile to all that have one.

  5. How fun! Cute pink! Thank you for visiting my place! Pink blessings, Shay

  6. What a great gift to your friend--I have always liked the Sunbonnet Sue pattern I've seen in quilts. Best wishes with your business and the New Year! Dana

  7. Hi there. The Wackies hope that you and yours had a great holiday and will have a Happy Year.
    Take care.

  8. Hello; Happy Pink Saturday;
    I too love Sun Bonnet Sue, I have a very old quilt with her on it.
    I hope you have a great weekend.


  9. Little Jean Suesunbonnet is a sweetie. I miss Jean too. Happy Pink Saturday, CC.

  10. Hello CC, I love your Sunbonnet Sues. I have seen them many times but your idea is different and so sweet. I wish you success with your endeavor.


  11. She is just absolutely charming. :o)

  12. reminds of the little holly hobbies! how quaint...she is a sweetie :)

    wow so nice to meet you!

  13. This is a beautiful little Sue. I collect Sunbonnet Sue quilts and pink ones are my favorite.

    Happy New Year from Victoria

  14. Hi, Thanks for the visit to my blog. Your Sunbonnet Sue remined me that I have some Holly Hobby crafts stored away somewhere, I'll have to look for them now.


  15. Oh CC
    I'm sitting here doing my Blue Monday post and pop... there you are.
    I just took a deep breath when I read your post about little Sue and your dear friend Jean. I'm so glad she was able to love your little Sue.
    Thanks for stopping in & thanks for the kind words as I sit here in my P.J.'s again lol
    From one CC to Another

  16. I saw a Sunbonnet Sue in a large frame and she was appliqued but stuffed too. I thought of you. She sure is a wonderful capture of long ago childhoods and...sweet. Good luck with your custom business and happy belated pink.

  17. GG
    Awww...she's so CUTE! Thankds you for stopping by...Happy Pink to you

  18. I am very late, but happy pink Saturday : )

  19. CC, you should sell your Sues on Etsy.

  20. Hi sweet chick, just getting around to all the pink saturday participants as I said I would do!! It's been a chore but finally getting it done. Nice to meet you.......


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