Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blue Monday..the Last Part

Smocked Pillows of All Colors..with 1 in Blue..:).
Simplicity Pattern No. 5340
Printed 1963
This gingham smocking also works on aprons.

Teach Yourself To Chicken Scratch
Leisure Arts
Leaflet 273
Copyright 1963
This little leaflet has 22 designs, and as an added goodie with this book, is the easy to follow diagramn on the basic stitches...and a bit of needleweaving. There is also how to's to make: a yardstick holder,Potholder, kitchen Towel finishing, a Tote Bag, Hearth Broom Cover, Tie Towel Finishing, Apron, Wooden Hoop Finishing, Placemat and Napkin, and Basket Lid for various Baskets. It's a wonderful leaflet..

A Blue Gingham Chicken Scratch Quilt Book...
By: Rita Weiss
Boye Needlework Library
No. 7398
Copyright 1983 by American School of Needlework
ASN Publishing.

The back cover of the quilt book..these are the prettiest patterns ever. The patterns are: Basket, Martha Washington Star, Grape Basket, Dutch Rose, Stamp Basket, Pinwheel, Sunflower, Blazing Star, Snow Crystals, Lemoyne Star, Shimmering Star, and Basket of Tulips.


  1. Ooo, I love this post. I am a fan of Holly Hobby and had one when I was a little girl. My doll was chewed by my dog but i do have a jewelery box that has her on it :0)
    Thanks for jogging such sweet memories.

  2. I am in LOVE with that blue quilt! I love quilts, and that one is precious! My sister is the crafter in the family, and she does beautiful crochet.

    Happy Blue Monday!



  3. What a walk down memory lane. I have smocked, I have chicken scratched (sounds like a medical condition!) and have embroidered both Holly and Sue.

    Happy Blue Monday to you.

  4. Great post! I love the Chicken Scratch patterns. Looks like those would be fun to make. Thank for your visiting and telling me about O.N.T. I learned something today! :-) Happy Blue Monday

  5. So many lovely blues. I like the Holly Hobby best. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. I always think of chicken scratch on aprons but it never dawned onme that you could do a whole quilt with it. That's pretty neat. Thanks for sharing these books. CC!

  7. Love the blue quilt. The first pictures made me want to get out my needle and embroidery thread and do some needlework. I've done a lot of it in the past but not in the last few years.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. really get into this Blue Monday meme doncha?


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