Monday, November 24, 2008

Leland & LuLu the Christmas Mouses (Meeces?) :)

This is really cute..if you have a group of younger ones.,... school groups..etc
They take little materials..and if made smaller. they could be Christmas ornaments...
Felt squares...grey for mouse..or whatever suits you..he's your mouse
felt square of different color for his ears...
small black pom poms for his nose
tiny "rolly" eyes
ribbons, bows..etc..for his behind
candy canes...the size depends on size of mouse. The candy cane..(the curved part) will act as his tail..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~
From pattern..cut body and his ears...and being very careful..cut the 2 marked places, the slit places...this will be where ears go..
Glue eyes and pompom nose..let the glue dry, then slide the ears into mouse. Kinda squish the ears in the middle a bit, and they will go right in.... Add the bow, you choose, to his/her heinie...and mousie is finished.
Take a candy cane..and from underneath, slide the candy cane under the ears..(between where the ears are and his little body come together).....the curved part of candy cane will act as mousies tail....and with that...mousie is completed....
These make cute take home treats for school or church parties... and made with smaller [pattern, and candy cane.....and a ribbon added for a hanger...mousie can become a Christmas ornament....


  1. My kids would totally love to make these.

  2. So cute! Have a nice week! :) Vanessa

  3. Hey how very cute! Not a creature was stirring...not even a...



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