Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dos's Beautifil Appliqued Quilt Blocks, Blogtoberfest Day 13

Day 13 finds me in the wonderful company of my sweet friend..Dosew's quilt block photos. I have tried repeatedly to get her to blog, thus far she listens as tho the cotton is permanently stuffed in her ears. Were she closer at hand, perchance I could try "more better"...she however, is in England..I am in Texas. She is the same lovely online pattern/quilter friend that made the oh so beautiful hand appliqued Baby Sunbonnet Sue Quilt. Baby SB Sue is still on traveling exhibit with the Bambers Firm in Manchester.

These, the first you can tell, are still incomplete. However, rather than waiting as on baby SS..., she will share as she goes along. Thus far, this soon to be lovely quilt, as yet has no name. I present to you it's beginnings......


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