Thursday, October 9, 2008

Butterfly Skritches ..... Blogtoberfest Day 5

For day 5 of Blogtoberfest..I share my sweet butterfly with you.
2 Sunday's ago, while at my sons house..and looking over the last blooms of what I think are tiny climbing roses, I reached down and began picking off the ones way past their prime and my son whispered loudly..don't move. At first thought coming to mind was snake, I almost "just fainted"..:). I looked down and there was this wonderous butterfly..just sitting, perhaps resting him or her self. I slowly reached my hand down and little butterfly graciously came ever so gently over, landed on my hand and began to move around. Have you ever felt a butterfly's tiny feets skritching across your hand??? It's just too wonderful..I tried so hard not to move and so butterfly and I, for a few moments enjoyed each others company. It was simply quite wonderful...and so, on day 5 of blogtoberfest..I wish you peace, love in your heart and butterfly skritches...


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