Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Monday

My little blue piggie key ring....tho I don't use him as such. He sits happily on my desk listening to me "chat" with myself when I'm having computer problems..and he never tells on me. :)

and another of my little porclain boxes../ ring holders..soon to become a happy pincushion.

little box has quite a bit more blue than seems to be showing. I really like these tiny boxes.. they seem perfect for most anything..


  1. What cute blue treasures you have. I hope you'll share your new pincushion when its complete.

    Your lucky to have such a pretty blue piggie to listen to you when you're talking to yourself...if you are like me he has lots to listen to..*g*..

    Thank you for sharing Blue Monday.

  2. Hi CC,
    That blue piggie key ring makes me smile! The little box is really pretty, too. I'm really drawn to boxes of all kinds. Enjoy and have a good week...

  3. Those look like the pretty china egg cups that I have. Very pretty little containers!

  4. Thanks for visiting my Blue Monday. You have such pretty treasures for us to see. The blue piggie must be fun to talk to. At least he doesn't talk back. :-)

  5. I like that you "chat" with yourself when you have computer problems. I yell at my computer and call it names when I have problems. Your piggy is cute and that egg is really pretty.

  6. I forgot to say I was sorry to hear the jars from your grandmother's cellar were broken. It's always sad when stuff like that happens to something we treasure.

  7. What a treasure those egg boxes are. Thank you for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!

  8. Good job on composition. happy blue Monday and thanks for the comment.
    On running out of things to blog about; always keep a note book and your camera handy, esp. when out and about, even if it's 'just' running errands.


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