Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blogtoberfest Day 12

How difficult can a post a day be I thought. I always post at least once a day..don't I? The aforementioned being thoughts that went through my head (along with a few others) when I started with blogtoberfest. Well.!!, it's not so easy as first I thought. But I'm happy to say..thus far..I can do it........And,I'm really enjoying it. Seeing other blogs and their posts to Blogtoberfest, Pink Saturday and Blue Monday, to see all the crafts, read the posts, the tutorials..I have quickly come to the realization that bloggers are quite simply..wonderful !! And I, am having great fun..
So this post and this day 12 will be dedicated to the sweet ladies.... Pink Saturday's Beverly; Blue Monday's Smiling Sally,....and Blogtoberfest's Big Cat. Thank you so much for all you do !!What a happy feeling I get as I skedaddle to as many blogs as I can, leaving a short comment to say hi..I stopped's just ever so much fun.

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  1. I'm trying to get round as many as possible to say hi too!

    I've made it 'Blogtoberfest Fave Friday' play along if you like...check out my post. xx


I do so enjoy each and every message that is left for me. They sorta make each day a "happy dance day", so please, make sure you leave a comment..Just a hi will make my day all better. :) xx