Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ripple Afghans

This is the ripple afghan I'm currently working on.. I seem to get caught up in too many projects at any given time...sure wish there were more hours in the day..:)

Another ripple

And lastely..yes, another ripple afghan. These are but a few of the ones I've made..using the Navajo ripple pattern and other ripple patterns. I've made enough now that I don't need a pattern, I just make the chain the size I need for that particular afghan. They always work up so pretty and are so's my favorite for a quick afghan project...


  1. Just stopping by to see your post today for Pink Saturday.

    Your afghans are lovely.

  2. Thank you Beverly for your sweet comments on my afghans and for your visit...I was a bit late in my posting of Pink apologies..

  3. Thank you for your comment Dawn..and for your visit..I'll be stopping by yours soon..

  4. Your ripple afghans are lovely. I crochet too! Come visit me :0)

  5. Your aphagans are wonderful.
    Happy Pink


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