Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pinecone Ornament/Pincushion

Offray Ribbons
C.M.Offray & Sons
Chesteer, N.J.
*Note: not sure as to the age
Review: * * * * *
In sofar as explanations for a project go, this is a wonderful handout pattern. I'm not sure if it was one I got for myself, or one that I found along the way with other patterns..I just know I'm happy I kept it. I think I may make some for Christmas ornaments..hmmmm, gingham ribbon and lace ?? ribbon with lace and more lace ??? just ribbon ??

Coming across this little pinecone,..I just had to have it. I thought at first was a pincushion, but with being made on styrofoam, I quickly changed my mind. Then I thought to take it apart to make a pattern for myself..happily I never you can see, in my attempt to clear up at least a small part of my craft area...I came across this handout from Offray..Yyayyyyyyyyy, now there is a clear consise pattern for us all to follow. Thank you Offray, you are a wonderful company..............


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