Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Reason

Contemplating life at 3:29 a.m., on a Friday night, with everyone in bed but for me ... ( I am a born worrier, and tomorrow hurricane Ike will bring his wrath all the way up to my neck of the CC get everything ready, just in case..check your list, check your list !!!..but I digress.....
Lists !!! Earlier I had become engrossed with this older book of lists laying on my desk.
This book has tips for everything..list to make, things to completely organize my life and my home. And I am stopped in my tracks, so to speak, because for the umteenth time this week, I realize that while the rest of my home is fairly neat (if you don't look too close), my craft area is a danger zone. My desk area is no better. I once saw on a blog where a young lady had taken a photo of her desk..complete with a lovely flower on the end. I almost wept...I can't see my desk top and I have no lovely flower. To my right are stacks of fabric, beautiful lovely fabric just waiting and 2 bookcases filled with vintage recipe books and recipes.., 1 bookcase filled with vintage crochet books and patterns, knitting patterns..Christmas patterns..(you get the idea) my left are stacks of felt, a mini ironing board, my sewing machine..mounds of ribbons and laces all safely put away in hatboxes..and buttons..lots and lots of tins and jars and various holding containers of beautiful buttons..(did I say I love buttons?)
Sooooooo, on to this little book to tell me how to organize my life...

Tip 234..
basket follows
"One decorative and unusual way to keep your kitchen clutter-free is to hang things in baskets from the ceiling; teas, bananas, herbs, dried flowers, pot holders, bibs, etc. This method is especially helpful if you have children."
A question ?????
How many children fit in a basket ???????
or do we leave them on a clutter free floor ??????
Thanks for listening to my rambleings (sp?)....and now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow (rather today) will be a busy day


  1. Wow sounds like you have desk full of treasure. :) I wish my table had so much

  2. I wish it was treasure on my desk Alice...some is..most isn't..: )

  3. I'm not sure where you live but I hope you didn't have any damage or flooding from the hurricane.

  4. I live in the Dallas area Patty..and we were very lucky..not a twig on a tree was even blown. My heart goes out to all the people that were not so lucky...


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