Thursday, September 4, 2008

Close up of the Apron of the Week

Tho the apron of the Week doesn't need to be repeated this case I thought it was a good idea.
This pink and white gingham beauty, with both cross stitch and ric rack work, is a favorite of mine, even with the stain, that thus far has been unmovable.. I wanted anyone interested to be able to enlarge and see the pattern...making it possible to work apron magic of their own... I'm not sure of the age of this's been well used, has a stain...but now has a happy home with me...


  1. That is really pretty. A friend just sent me a gingham apron with chicken scratch that has a stain which won't come out but I love it anyway.

  2. Me too matter the tiny pinholes or stains..I love my older aprons


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