Saturday, September 27, 2008

Handbag Pincushion

This, being my first attempt at a handbag pincushion, I'm not sure if I should post or not. Then I decided, perhaps not so perfect things should be posted sometimes as well. And that maybe this pitiful little lined purse, should go on exhibit for all to stands tall..(well leans ) and appears a bit lopsided (which I think is just maybe the way it tilted when it's pic was being taken),,,but in all its glory, stands testament to the one thing that has whipped me to the mat, repeatedly, for 2 weeks. * sniffles and sobs quietly lest the pincushion purse hear me and smirk. It looked so easy to make and should have been..
should have been..
famous last words.
I may yet take it apart and use it as a needlecase and scissors holder......maybe..


  1. Wow it is the prettiest handbag pincushion I ever seen. Very lovely. Now I am ashamed of my handbag I did one pincushion today too a very simple one.

  2. Oh - but this little pincushion has HEART!

  3. Thank you Alice for your sweet remarks..I've seen your work and it's lovely..many hugs my friend

  4. Bless you for your kind remarks Patti..
    p.s. your site is just beautiful

  5. I think it's really cute. I love the fabric you used and I love yo-yos.

  6. Cutest yo yo handbag pinkeeper I have ever seen! Just darling! Hugs,


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