Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scalded Corn Meal Cakes..or Dabs, or Hoe Cakes

Source: 1907 Pure Food Cookbook
The scalded corn meal cakes are also known as dabs..or hoe cakes.
Mix one level teaspoon salt with one cup of fine white corn meal (Rhode Island and Southern
varieties preferred). Scald with boiling water sufficient to wet and swell every grain and have the mixture barely hold together. Then thin with cold milk to a soft dough that will keep its shape. Drop from a tablespoon on a griddle well greased with shortening or butter or salt pork fat. Shape them as they cook, turn then round for uniform browning and turn them over when brown on one side. When done, let them stand in the oven for a few minutes. They absorb a deal of fat in cooking and when ready to turn, put a bit on each that the fresh side be equally browned.


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