Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Sunbonnet Sue on Quilt

These are 7 enlarged blocks of Dosew's Baby Sunbonnet Sue quilt. This baby Sue resides in England with Dosew and is now on a traveling exhibition. She will also visit teaching groups and classes...
Dosew an expert appliquer and quilter as you can see. She is working on another quilt now.. Her previous quilt..a sampler... is so beautiful and has taken prizes as well as being on traveling exhibition.. It was used also as a teaching tool to students..for her selections of fabric and colors... Way to Go Dose...your work is just beautiful...

Baby Sunbonnet Sue and her kitty kitty. She has made a daisy chain for his little neck...

Baby Sunbonnet Sue...picking a flower

Baby Sunbonnet Sue reading a book to little kitty kitty

baby Sue making friends with little goosey

To market, to market, to buy ???

baby Sue dressed in her dance dress..isn't she beautiful

Off to the quilt buy more fabric for dose, an iora an cc


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