Saturday, June 7, 2008

Beehive Pincushion in Crochet

Star Book No. 200
American Thread Company
Original Book sold for 35 cents
Materials Needed:

2.......175 yard ball crochet cotton thread ..yellow for beehive..and colors of choice for flowers
3 pipe cleaners
2 1/4" styrofoam ball
Steel crochet hook # 7

Rnd. 1:
Ch 7, join to form a ring, ch 1, work 8 sc in ring, join with a sl st in first sc

Rnd. 2
Ch 3, 3 dc in same st, drop loop from hook, insert hook in 3rd st of ch 3, pull loop through,
*ch 1, 4 dc in next st, drop loop from hook, insert hook in 1st dc, pull loop through (popcorn st) repeat from * 6 times, join in 1st popcorn st, sl st in next ch between popcorn sts.

Rnd. 3
Ch 3, 2 dc in same st, * 3 dc in ch 1 between next 2 popcorn stitches, repeat between * all around, join in 3rd st of ch.

Rnd. 4
Ch 3, popcorn st in same st, *skip 1 dc, popcorn st in next dc, popcorn st in next dc, repeat from * all around. Join in 1st popcorn st, sl st in ch between popcorn sts.

Rnd, 5
Ch 3, 2dc in same space. *3 dc in ch between next two popcorn sts, repeat from * all around, join in 3rd st of ch. Repeat last two rows once...

Rnd. 8
Sl st in next st, work a popcorn st in center st of each 3 dc group, join in 1st popcorn st.

Rnd. 9
Sl st in next ch between popcorn sts, then continue same as 5th rnd.

Rnds. 10 -12
Repeat...8th , 9th, and 8th rounds..

Next rnd.
Work 1 sc in each sc, join and cut thread, weaving in ends...
Flower for Beehive Pincushion..
With color of choice, work the flowers in this manner....
with crochet hook # 5,
ch 8, join in first st of ch, sl st in ring, *1 dc, 1 tr, 1 dtrc, 1 tr tr (4 times over hook), 1 dtrc, 1 tc, 1 dc, sl st in ring, repeat from * 4 times...for 5 petals.

Rnd. 2
* Ch 1, 1 sc in each of the next 3 sts, ch 1, 1 sdc, ch 1, 1 sc in center st., ( sdc ..thread over hook, insert in st., thread over and work off all loops at one time), ch 1, 1 sc in each remaining st of petal, skip sl st, repeat from * all around, join..

Rnd. 3
* Ch 2, sl st between petals, repeat from * all around, cut thread..

Rnd. 4
Attach second color in any ch 2 loop, 2 sc, ch 3, 2 sc over over each ch 2 loop, join, cut thread...

To attach flowers to stems and then to beehive..

pipecleaners or chenille stems... insert one end of chenille stem through one flower and bend to wrong side..glue flower in place. Continue each flower in same manner... attach another chenille stem as shown for thimble. Next fit beehive over styrofoam ball and trim one side of ball to a flat surface.. Attach flowers as shown...


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