Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Watkins Hearthside Cook Book

The J.R.Watkins Company
Copyright 1952
Original Price is $ 2.50
Review: * * * * * *
This is one of the best, more colorful cookbooks.....,I have searched thru the book many times, not only do I quickly scan thru when I first find what seems to be a good cookbook, I actually read them as some would do a novel.
This little book has it's share of wonderful recipes that I've tried,..there are some that sound so good , but I've not tried them...not yet anyway....


  1. I have used my Hearthside Cookbook since it was passed to me when I got married in 1974. It was a life saver. I'm now passing it to my daughter for her use in her own home 2008. It is still in very good condition.

  2. Hi Connie...
    I agree,this is one of the very best little cookbooks. Each recipe that I've tried has been wonderful. It's one of my favorite books..

  3. My mother used to make the Watkins spaghetti sauce from this book and we grew up with it. But she has lost her memory and the page with the receipe is missing. Would anyone send the receipe to me? I would so appreciate it!!!

  4. Thank you for posting the Watkins Hearthside Cookbook picture, I have been looking for a particular recipe and this picture is from my Mom's old cookbook. Now, after some research, I found out that there were 2-3 editions, so the recipe I am looking for may not be in this edition. Bidding on the item on Ebay to find this recipe...your picture helped


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