Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pinwheel Pot Holder

1 skein all purpose yarn
Crochet hook...Size F or 4

Using single thread make a chain of 4 st, join with a sl st in the first ch to form a ring.
Row 1:
Make 12 sc in ring
Row 2:
Sc around, inc 2 sc in every 2nd st
Row 3 :
Sc around, 2 sc in every 3rd st
Row 4:
Sc around, inc 2 sc in every 4th st
Row 5:
Continue working sc around until you have 14 rows...increasing progressively in same manner.
Double thickness:
Make 2 Pinwheel Pads as above, and crochet together with one row of sc. Then sl st on last row for improved edge.
Ch 12, connect, and sl st around; fasten off


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