Monday, February 25, 2008

Needlecase and Scissors Holder

This needlecase and scissors holder was one of those "look at something in a different way" things. I had a stack of potholders that I had bought at a closeout sale...(they were 2 for 25 cents)..and I just knew I could do something with them.... this was the project...
Lace to go around 2 potholders
a small sewing snap
* * * * *
First...I cut the hanging loop off..., folded in half and pressed down to make a good fold line, then added lace all around. For the needlecase, I cut some small pieces of felt and stitched them on.. and added a snap to close with... For the scissors holder..fold and press into shape, adding lace all around, and bringing the two corners up to form the holder. Stitch in place...
and you're all done.


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