Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fair & Bazaar Suggestions

Fair & Bazaar Suggestions
American Thread Company
Star Book No. 74
Originally sold for 10 cents
I belive I remember these patterns (and the ones similar to these) best of all, and with the very best memories.
There was several ladies in my mothers and grandmothers groups, not only for get togethers, but in quilting groups, crochet friends..and church circles. They traded stories of their lives, their children..they traded patterns..they quilted and crocheted..and set up booths for fund-raisers...,and somehow managed to keep a sparkling clean house and cook up the best food immaginable.
...the days my friends and I looked forward to was coming the smell of yeast raised doughnuts rising..almost ready to cook, or to homemade fried pies, the likes of which I've not had since. On those days my mother had so many kids in her house, that as she said, she couldn't shake a stick without hitting a child, and she was right.
did I mention that this very group of ladies helped to build a beautiful new church,..and all their money came about with their quilt raffles, food and craft booths.
how I miss those days...but mostely,...I miss mama, granny and the ladies..


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