Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cross Stitch Gingham General Instructions

** Note:
The general directions/instructs to follow are the basics. This is what most of the instructions call for... however, it's not exactly the way I do. Call me a free spirit..but in crafting, sewing or gingham stitch/chicken scratch..I sorta do what pleases me. Apparently, "back in the day" when all the rage was cross stitch/chicken scratch, and it was being embroidered on everything that didn't move away...those ladies were free spirits as well. I have aprons with chicken scratch...and gingham cross stitch..with the thread count to suit them..some of the patterns are beautiful..some simple, some intricate. In my collection of aprons, table cloths, dresser and table scarves, I have a few spread out, hopefully, I can chart some of the old patterns......
General Directions:
The strands of thread will be in relation to the squares of gingham.
If using gingham with with 6 and under...use 4 strands
larger squares will need all 6 strands

embroidery hoop
# 5 embroidery needle..(it's what I use )
To plan how large each motif will be, count the number of crosses in the longest line,...then count the squares, both white and colored of the gingham. You can then, run a basting thread around the area....or plan the size with pins.
Complete each square as you work along, just be sure that all the first stitches of each cross are slanted in the same direction..for a beautiful design.
Foe best effect, keep colors in darker shades than the color of the gingham. If you choose, you can use several colors...or work the whole design in silhouette.
Banding can be repeated to any length across an apron..or a scarf. Bandings with flower motifs can be made, by simply repeating the motif. They can also be used on corners..of table linens, scarves...etc.


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