Sunday, February 10, 2008

Crocheted Oval Rug

Little of the covers remain on this book..other than the portions scanned. Inside is this short information..there is no copyright, but the clothes of the couple inside book...look to be late 30's..early 40's :
January and Wood Company, Maysville , Kentucky
Oval Rug Instructions....
For a 22" x 30" rug
Crochet Hook size J or 9
Rug Yarn:
2 skeins green ( 8 rounds )
2 skeins cocoa brown ( 5 rounds )
3 skeins dark green ( 5 rounds )
4 skeins dark brown ( 6 rounds )
These are the colors given..however, today we have such a wide choice of colors..I'm not sure I would go with these colors. And another thing to be aware of..I was unable to see the amount of rug yarn in the skein.., so be aware of that when buying your yarn... I crochet loosely, so I always buy extra yarn anyway...
To start:
Using 2 strands of yarn, make a foundation chain of 21, turn on 2nd ch from hook, and sc 40 around the ch ( 20 on each side of chain ).
Round 2:
Continue to sc around, increasing twice at each end.
Round 3:
Continue to sc around, increasing 3 rimes at each end.
4th and following rounds:
Continue to sc around, increasing only at ends and only as required to keep rug laying flat.
If rug begins to turn's because it requires more frequent increasing at ends. Be sure not to increase at same point at ends in succeeding rounds to avoid forming an undesirable pattern.
Work a slip stitch over last row..for improved edge.
To Change Cloors:
Break off the yarn, leaving a 3" length and slip this through the back of the next stitch.
Turn rug around about half way and start with the new color. This manner of joining colors will give complete and even rows.
( Do not start a new color at point where you break off old color... )


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