Sunday, February 24, 2008

Apron Instructions..Super Easy

****Note: This is the most simple apron pattern ever. It can be made up in gingham, as a perfect base for chicken scratch.cross stitch; or a cotton suitable for applique...
Fabric of choice..1 to 1 1/2 yards ( if trying to match any pattern..etc, and I always get extra just in case)
Thread to match
Cut your fabric 24" x 36" for apron body.
Cut a band 4" wide and length desired around waist
Cut two ties...4'" x 36".
Cut a 6 to 8 " square for pocket
Fold band in half. Gather the 36" piece onto band., right sides together. Turn the band to back side, turn under raw edgs.. and hand stitch down.
After hemming ties, gather one end, insert in openings at side of band and stitch.
Turn undr 5/8" seam for pocket and stitch in place..
Apron is now ready for use as is...or to cross stitch or applique. A few applique patterns to follow..


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