Monday, January 14, 2008

Gingham Stitch/Chicken Scratch Embroidery

These and a few other pieces are real treasures to me. The pieces shown here..are tablescarves ..with one being a television scarf. Does anyone remember.."back in the day" when television sets were considered pieces of furniture. There were scarves to cover the top and usually had knick knacks or a flower arramgement atop said television.
This being the plainer scarves.... simple cross stitch on gingham...., however, I am lucky enough to have several in the needlework called mountain lace, chicken scratch, teneriffe...and I'm sure even more names that are unknown to me. The patterns are beautiful with the look of lace, and some have intricate stitches making up the patterns. They're stitched on cloths, tablecloths, aprons and napkins..and are quite beautiful.
There are a few of us that I know..that are still doing this needlework. Myself and a wonderful, sweet friend from Singapore are practicing our stitches...she with her with a smaller cloth. She has made one bag with the chicken scratch, thats just beautiful..... I am having to play catch up..her stitches are wonderful


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