Saturday, January 26, 2008

Floral Insertions and Floral Edgings

Floral Insertions and Floral Edgings
Clarks O.N.T...J.& P. Coats
Copyright 1949, The Spool Cotton Company
First Edition
Book No. 263
Originally sold for 10 cents

Each of these pieces can be taken and one tiny flower to add to a craft, or as the "back in the day" way..scatted about on any linens of your choice.
There are tiny roses, pansies, daisies,narcissus,, cosmos,asters,buttercups...and apple blossoms.

These photos make me want to grab a crochet needle, my thread and get busy....
All these beautiful insertions and edgings are made with the tatting and or the mercerized cotton crochet thread, and are some of the prettiest of designs. Quite simply, flowers everywhere. When I was growing up, all well dressed homes had their towels, wash cloths..etc. embellished. If nothing else..thetre would have at the least some tiny crocheted flowers scattered about... and most designs came from these very books.


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