Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crinoline Lady

Crinoline Lady
Published by Clarks O.N.T. - J.P.Coats
Book No. 262
Book Originally sold for 10 cents
These patterns I remember so well.
There were the "doll ladies" on pillowcases, towel sets, and of course the hankies.
All the elders and the other ladies had their hankies..both everyday..and then the others. Most times..even the everyday hankies had at the least a crocheted edge and a tiny crocheted flower sewn or embroidered on....but the others were tiny works of needle art. They were the ones with the tatted laces..and Irish crocheted edgings. They were the ones with the doll ladies..and the intricate embroidery and fancy work on the corners. I have some of those hankies in my collections..and will get them posted soon.


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